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Adrienne Richardson is a gestalt psychotherapist, researcher/writer, and visual artist based in Toronto & Niagara Falls, Canada, and Scottsdale, AZ. Her art deals with themes of feminism, sexuality, shame, and self-care.

Two years into her five year post graduate training in gestalt psychotherapy, Adrienne found herself immersed in the ultimate state of existential angst. While suicidal thoughts seemed to be the answer, this was not a moral choice she could make. With support of family, friends, and the gestalt community, a renewed introduction to her faith in God, and ART, she was able to tolerate the impasse. It was the taking of risks during the artistic aspects of gestalt group therapy where she drew projections, engaged in psychodramas, and dressed up as, and acted out disowned parts of herself that give her the courage to create art again as she did as a child, freely, with joy and without judgement.

Art of Emotional Healing

Because of these powerful experiences Adrienne provides monthly therapeutic workshops for women and teens to help them heal from emotional trauma and/or addictions and to help build community. Visit her therapy website for more information.

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Art Can Be A Therapeutic Experience


Adrienne believes creating art can be therapeutic experience especially during times of health-related fear, anxiety, and healing from trauma (PTSD) and addictions. 

For her the creative process has often reduced stress and loneliness, while providing an outlet for her to express herself when she felt she couldn't be heard or when there was no one there to listen.

A.R.T. Studio Project (Adrienne Richardson's Therapy) Studios


And then there was light!  From the various art workshops she attended and lead, inspiration hit! 

Support for A.R.T Studios is Needed


Adrienne hopes to build A.R.T Studio's in communities all across North America, where mental health practitioners are not accessible so that trauma survivors can be heard, healed, and seen through their art. She is starting with Niagara Falls, Ontario where she is currently in private practice, and is looking for leaders in the community to support this initiative.

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