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“The Art of Being Relational-Can You Relate?" Art Therapy!

Background: A New Gestalt / Art Therapy Sessions



Gestalt therapy, 

founded by 

Frederick “Fritz” Perls 

and collaborators 

Laura Perls and Paul Goodman

has had a profound impact on Adrienne's life.

She was inspired by 

how the people in her 

gestalt therapy groups & 

her various gestalt therapists invented, improvised, and/or experimented with 

strategies to support breaking patterns. 

These various creative processes, which included art therapy sessions,

not only supported new awarenesses 

around her 

personal traumas,

they have also supported her ability to bravely 

make contact with others 

and create 

not only art, 

but also 

create a life in

 Niagara Falls, Ontario

from a very authentic place.  

Adrienne The Healer

Medium: Diversity & Inclusion- All Are Welcome in her Art Therapy Groups



Art therapy groups held by Adrienne in Niagara Falls, Ontario are both diverse and inclusive like her own personal art. 

Adrienne Richardson's artwork is made up from an assemblage of different forms, including poetry, thus creating a new whole:

A completed gestalt!

For her 20 Canvas Experiment 

she will attempt to use 

many different mediums, 

such as wire, plaster & clay, sand, acrylic paint, acrylic ink, blacklight paint, oil & soft pastels and resin on... 

canvas, corrugated fiberboard, paper, photographs, and various found objects made of textiles, plastic, glass, metal, wood and stone 

using various tools...

including parts of the human body. 

While she has primarily worked with acrylics in the past, 

she has become resistant to working in a single medium as she believes it has been restrictive and 

it has not been reflective of the diversity of her muses. 

Adrienne The Poet

Vision: Modern Struggle of Our Polarities



Adrienne Richardson The Artist 

creates large 

mix media 

abstract art pieces 


collage & assemblage murals 

and sculptures 

that are interpretative and narrative. 


psychological, religious &

sexual explorations 

are shared 

so that our addictions to... 

Self hatred 

might be supported 

so that...

self love of our polarities 

can be brought out of

isolation and shame, 


...with the hopes 

that we are reminded to continue to live 

the best we can

in this absurd world.

Can your relate?

 Join an Art Therapy Group 

and experience the 

power of healing through art! 

Adrienne The Artist

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Art Therapy Services in Niagara Falls Ontario

A room for art therapy services in Niagara Falls Ontario

Adrienne Richardson, Niagara Falls Psychotherapist, has a Plan to Help Heal her Community!

Through her blog called the 20 Canvas Experiment, Adrienne Richardson, a local psychotherapist from Niagara Falls, Ontario, hopes to not only draw attention to the need for greater mental health supports in smaller communities like her own, but also to showcase the power of art therapy sessions as an alternative option for therapy through her own process. 

Through her process she hopes to inspire people who are reluctant to go therapy to take the leap, with either traditional psychotherapy with a therapist like her, or through art therapy group sessions with the support of others!  

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Art Therapy Groups as an Option

While many people are fearful to even go to therapy. 

Sadly, many more residents of communities like Niagara Falls and the Niagara Region cannot afford to go to private psychotherapy sessions in order to get the support they need for their addictions and/or mental health. 

Once they finally make the decision to get the support and help they need, they quickly find that there are limited resources available to them that are subsidized/ and/or free. 

Adrienne hopes that her community funded Art Therapy Groups will be the antidote to this issue. 


A Call to Leaders of Niagara Falls & The Niagara Region: Show Your Support that Mental Health Matters

While increased awareness about the need for accessible mental health choices and support is a great place to start. 

The involvement and support of leaders from businesses and organizations in local communities is the next step. 

Adrienne Richardson wants others to join her, as 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime, and helping that many people in need cannot be done alone.

It is Adrienne's dream, vision, and hope that others, like herself, are also passionate about providing the residents of the city of Niagara Falls, who cannot afford to pay for psychotherapy, to get the support and help they need. 

Please call Adrienne Richardson directly if you, your company, or the organization you work for are looking to give back to your community by supporting initiatives that support mental health locally like Adrienne's community funded Art Therapy Groups. 

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